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Every American deserves the right to live a dignified and secure life regardless of age, and I will always fight for this. Our government must continue to uphold the basic premise that if you work hard and pay into Social Security, you can retire with dignity and peace of mind. To fulfill this promise, we must protect Social Security and Medicare for future generations. I will fight to protect Nevadans' hard-earned benefits and work to expand them in order to keep pace with the cost of living.

During my time in Congress, I am proud to have introduced and passed the Aging with Dignity Act, a bipartisan bill that provides services and resources to our seniors so they can age in place in dignity, if they so choose.  I have backed legislation to lower medical insurance costs, lower the income threshold for Medicare, and lower prescription drug pricing, increase funding to Alzheimer’s research, as well as presented legislation to block robocalls that prey on our seniors. 


I will always fight for the rights of older Americans. Their contributions to our society must be recognized and rewarded with the right to live peacefully and securely in retirement.

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