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The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the economy of our country, and we know that there is a long and difficult road to recovery here in Nevada. That is why I worked to pass bipartisan support to get relief to our working families and small businesses. I introduced emergency paid family leave into the first Coronavirus relief package, went to bat for Nevada’s economy when the Administration excluded small businesses that get revenue from gaming from the PPP program, and stood as a vocal advocate for evidence-based recovery efforts, including the expansion of testing, through my work with the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. We must continue to fight for Nevada, as we recover from this pandemic, which is why I fought to ensure that federal support be tied to a state’s unemployment rate, to ensure that Nevadans get the support we need to feed our families, pay rent and plan for our future. I will continue to work to diversify our economy so that we can protect our state from crises like this in the future.

As one of eight kids in a working class family in Ohio’s rust belt, I grew up knowing the value of hard work. When I was young, my parents taught me that if I worked hard and did well in school, I would have a chance to live a better life than they had. And they were right. I started with my first job delivering papers at the age of eight. After high school, I was able to go to college with government aid and by working as many as four jobs at a time. I knew it was worth it, and after years of hard work, I graduated and had doors of opportunity open to me.

For too many Americans, my story is no longer possible. Instead of working for the middle class, our government works only for the highest bidders in Washington. Over my first term, I have fought for small businesses and middle class families by passing legislation that supports all Americans, not just those at the top. During the coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis, I fought to make sure that money ended up in the hands of American workers and small businesses–not big corporations. I will always fight for families like how I fought for my Families First Act to protect working families and their children.

I believe in providing opportunities for Americans to succeed in the economy–with or without a four year degree. I will stand up for trade schools, apprenticeships, and unions, and fight for Americans that rely on tips along with their wages. Every American deserves a living wage, and I will continue to fight for Nevada's 3rd Congressional District in Congress.

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