Where Susie Stands

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COVID-19 Resources

Susie has been a vocal advocate for evidence-based recovery efforts, including the expansion of testing, through her work with the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. 



Instead of playing partisan politics, Susie spent her first term in Congress focusing on making quality healthcare affordable for all Americans. She worked to lower prescription drug prices, help veterans get care, and lower costs for retired Americans.  



Susie believes in providing opportunities for Americans to succeed in the economy–with or without a four year degree. She will stand up for trade schools, apprenticeships, and unions, and fight for Americans that rely on tips along with their wages.


Senior Citizens

Susie will always fight for the rights of older Americans. Their contributions to our society must be recognized and rewarded with the right to live peacefully and securely in retirement.

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Veterans and National Security

America’s foreign policy must be, at its core, American. We need a strong foreign policy that represents our values and ideals as a nation. The strength and success of US foreign policy depends on the strength of our military and the strength of our relationships around the world.

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In addition to being a voice for conservation efforts, Susie is working to make Nevada a leader in clean energy, which can bring new jobs to our state. She is committed to advancing America’s energy independence and combating climate change.



It’s simple: education must be a top national priority. That is why Susie is proud to represent Nevada as a member of the House Education and Labor committee.  She believes in investing in students and teachers from robust early childhood, to K-12, to post-secondary education.


We must continue to welcome immigrants, while at the same time reforming our broken immigration system by securing our borders and providing a path to citizenship for the immigrants who strengthen our communities.

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Justice for All

Susie will work to protect vulnerable groups in Nevada's 3rd District, and stand up against discrimination in all forms. Our government cannot pick and choose when to fight discrimination; hate in any form must be eradicated.

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We need your help to win in November.

Donating to Susie Lee's congressional campaign means fighting for Nevadans. We need your help to make healthcare affordable, improve public education, and get the economy back on track. 

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