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Where Susie Stands

America was founded on the values of freedom and equality. As a nation, we have a proud tradition of welcoming all people into our country, in order to build a better world together. I will  stand up for the rights of all Americans in Congress. 


We must continue to welcome immigrants, while at the same time reforming our broken immigration system by securing our borders and providing a path to citizenship for the immigrants who strengthen our communities. Congress also must act to protect Temporary Protected Status recipients, and the thousands of Nevada DREAMers who have lived, worked, and studied in the United States since they were children. The Supreme Court may have ruled to protect DACA recipients, but we need to establish legislative protection. 


Reforming our broken immigration system also means reforming ICE. While I do not support the abolishment of ICE, I firmly believe that they must be held to a higher standard of conduct than they currently are. ICE protects our communities, but federal oversight must increase to ensure that practices of family separation and abuse at detention centers do not continue.

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