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Health care is deeply personal.Too many people discover the shortcomings of our healthcare system when they or their family is in crisis. That is exactly what happened to my family and it is why I am committed to making healthcare more affordable and accessible to all of us. After my father was laid off in his late 50s, my parents could not find an affordable health care plan due to their pre-existing conditions - high blood pressure. As they entered their senior years, my mother suffered a heart attack and they almost lost their home due to medical expenses. We must never go back to the days where pre-existing conditions meant exorbitant premiums or denial of insurance coverage.

Instead of playing partisan politics, I spent my first term in Congress focusing on making quality healthcare affordable for all Americans. I worked to lower prescription drug prices and out of pocket costs for retired Americans. Nobody should go bankrupt because of a medical issue. I am working in Congress to make that a reality for all Americans.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a bright light on the numerous inequities in America, and healthcare access tops the list — one of the many reasons we have seen the disproportionate impact of the virus on communities of color. I will continue to fight to ensure that our response to this pandemic provides healthcare to all Americans. I fought to increase the federal contribution that is made to states to fund Medicaid, as well as increase funding to community health centers.


And finally, we must recognize that health care includes mental health care. Nevada ranks last in the country in access to mental health care. I will continue fighting to ensure that mental health is treated as primary care in Nevada's 3rd district and across the country.

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