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Where Susie Stands

I have always been a strong advocate for environmental conservation. After graduating from college, my first job was as an environmental consultant handling water management, air quality and other environmental issues. I saw firsthand the delicacy and the incalculable value of our natural resources. It’s one of the many reasons why I’ve been a steadfast ally for Nevada’s natural resources and public lands in Congress.

I fought back against using Yucca Mountain as a dumping site for America’s nuclear waste. The entire Nevada delegation and myself stood up to the Department of Energy and made a deal to bring more environmentally conscious job projects to Nevada in place of a nuclear waste facility. 


In addition to being a voice for conservation efforts, I’m working to make Nevada's 3rd District a leader in clean energy, which can bring new jobs to our state.  As a country, we should be leading in energy independence and combating climate change. I will continue to work to position Nevada as a leader in clean energy.


There is no Planet B. Public lands and climate change will always be a top priority for me.As a co sponsor of the Great American Outdoors Act, I am proud that we have permanently funded the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

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