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I would not be where I am today without the opportunities I had to get a good public education. Because of this, I have spent my career working to build a better public education system for children throughout Nevada's 3rd District. I was the Founding Director of After-School All-Stars, a program that provides our most at-risk students with after-school enrichment activities and academic support. As President of Communities in Schools of Nevada for ten years, I have worked to close achievement gaps, adequately fund education and keep kids on the road to graduation. Under my leadership, CIS has grown to serve 68,000 students in Nevada and dramatically increased graduation rates in the schools we serve.

It’s simple: education must be a top national priority. That is why I am proud to represent Nevada as a member of the House Education and Labor committee. In this role, I introduced the Keep Our PACT Act, which would invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Nevada's schools annually. We must invest in students and teachers from early childhood, to K-12, to post-secondary education. In Congress, one of my top priorities is to increase funding for early childhood education and programs that assist students living in poverty. Early childhood education has proved, again and again, to be one of the most formative times in a child’s life, and we must treat it as such


I will also fight to ensure that every classroom in America has a great teacher with the resources they need to succeed. In my first term, I fought for teachers to receive more funding and for classrooms to be less crowded.  Education is evolving to meet the needs of students. While it is important to invest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), we know that students must have the socio-emotional support they need. That is why I am proud to have advocated for the  increased support for the Community Schools fund, which provides schools with additional support for “wrap-around” services that are crucial for our most at-risk students.


After graduating high school, we must continue to invest in our youth. That means making four-year and two-year colleges affordable through expansions of programs such as Pell Grants, and fighting against predatory lenders and for-profit colleges that value financial gain over students. I am a leader in the fight for stricter oversight on loan repayment to make sure that students are not being taken advantage of. As we emerge from the unemployment crisis caused by this pandemic, we must value the crucial role that community colleges play in workforce training. I am proud to have passed legislation that increases support for these programs.


While college works for some, we must also provide opportunities for job training that does not require a college degree. It is important to remember that no one path fits all. We must make union apprenticeship programs and trade schools accessible, and always protect unions’ rights. We must guarantee that families in America can live a middle class life without a four-year degree.

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